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Friday, 6 June 2008

I am so angry this morning. I checked my Stats last night on my Tutorial site &

discoverd that some really nice folk, are Direct linking to my Tut's, Masks,Templates &

Supplies. This really makes my blood boil. And to top it off Not one person bothered to leave

me a note im my C-box to say thank you for the Shares !

I go to my stats again this morning & they are still doing it,even after a left a lovely note on my updates page grrrrr!!!!!!

I just don't get some people : /

Enough of the anger lol, i just wanted to let you Nice folks know that i have some Templates for download on my Tut's site.

Stephanie Shimerdla has kindly given me permission to use her gorgeous Photoshop brushes

on my Templates. You can find Stephanie's web site Here

Thank you for your kindness Stephanie ♥
Previews on next post..
Thanx for listning to my Ramblings : /

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