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Thursday, 26 June 2008

I have been Tagged By Mere !!!

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1. I love to go to music gig's to watch punk bands & take pictures !
2. My fave all time band is The Ramones.
3.I have to dye my hair at least every 3 weeks :(
4.I suffer from an illness that there is no cure for.
5.I have a weird obsession with sheep, i just love um :/
6.Best bands that i have had the pleasure of going to see are: The Buzcocks,The Damned & Wednesday13.
7.I love to read Biographies, My faves so far are Jordan aka Katie Price &Peter kay. I'm
in the middle of Reading Slash !!

I can only Tag 3 Lmao !!!

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Jody said...

How do I find your tutorials?

I clicked on the link in the sidebar and it takes me to a site that lists other sites with tutorials.

Diane Tracy said...

I love your designs. May I have permission to digitize them for machine embroidery and sell the digitized designs on my website?
Thank you! diane

CheriWild said...

You have been tagged!

See my blog for details hun