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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tag Show Off - Mizteeques Tutorials -

Every so often when the Mojo fairy strikes. I like to try out Tutorials for inspiration,some Old School & some new.
 After making quite a few hehe the fairy seems to give me a little sprinkle.
And the magic starts to come back!
Today I visited one of my favourite Tutorial Blog's Misteeques Tut's
Obviously they are not exactley the same, we all know most tutorial's are for guidance only or
a kit is a PTU or no longer available.
Misteeque also has lot's of "No Kit's" Tut's which is a good place to start I think for a beginner :)
Thank you so much for stopping by My Blog!
I hope you like my interpritation of the Lovely Mizteeques Tut's :)
Hugs Rachey ♥
Tag 1 - Blue moon - I decided to add a little Animation!
You can find the tutorial Here 
Tag 2. which is a 2 piece set
 Bloom - I used a different Kit & Tube to the one in the tutorial!
Kit is PTU called "Lilac Fall" By Tiny Turtles Designs.
You can find the tutorial Here 

Tag 3 Dream It - I used a different FTU Kit which I got from PFD "Fan Freebie" By Graphics Of Design.
Sadly I don't think you can download it anymore!
You can find the tutorial Here
Tag 4  Blooming Beauty - I used another Freebie Kit from PFD 
"Thank you" By Joley.
You can find the tutorial Here 
Tag 5 Midnight Desire!
You can find the tutorial Here 
Tag 6 Be Curious!
You can find the tutorial Here 

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