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Sunday, 10 June 2018

:: A Few Tag's from Tutorials ::

Some Tutorials I did from the fab Viv over at Vivienne's Paintbox
Thanks for stopping By!
Hugs Rachey ♥

Shadow Whispers
 Lady Victoria
Lily Of The Sea
Like Clockwork
Steaming Ahead
Romantic Date
Delicate Autumn
My Parlour
Snaps From The Past
American Gothic
Victoria Secret (2 different tubes)
Champagne In Paris
Corpse Bride
My Version Of Crowned Crane
Keys,Clocks & Madness
Summer Mood
Travel Book
Dragon Magick
Summer Of Liberty
Sea Treasure
Phew Haha I didn't realise they were so many tag's I'd not added..
Go check out Viv's site her tutorials are awesome & a good place 
to start from if you are new to Tagging!
Hugs Rachey ♥


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