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On the panel on the right hand side I have set up Templates & Wordart Links for you to download in bulk. So far you can download Templates from 1 - 70 & Wordart 1-14, Also there is a link to my xmas masks.
I will add more to the download section in the future.
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Hugs Rachel

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I would like to Apologise for not updating .
As some of you may know I am having major Pc issues,
I was told by a Tech that I needed a new hard drive,
Bought one, Installed it & I am still having problems :(
So I might not be updating my Blog untill after Christmas now :(
I will try to keep you updated!!
If some of my links are Invalid I do not know about them,
As no one has contacted me to let me know they are invalid, Including yourself!
If you are refering to My templates 1-70, Yes these links are Invalid as I have stated in the
Sticky post, I have uploaded the templates from 1-70 so you can download them in Bulk!
The link for them are situated in the panel on the right hand side, You will find them
if you care to scroll down!
So really there aint nothing Strange about that!!!
I would like to thank everyone for stopping by & for all the lovely comments.
They are very much appreciated:D
Hugs & Love

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