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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Quick Hello & a bit annoyed!!

Hi everyone :)
So sorry I haven't done anything for you..
I have no creativity what so ever :(
Plus a few weeks ago now my external hardrive with all my stuff on it, Died on me Wahhh..
But..... I might be able to fix it with a little help from my hub's friend :)
I had some templates & some Xmas stuff on it,
So keep your fingers crossed my hub's friend can do it !

Now about being annoyed...
Some people keeps putting stuff in my comments saying links don't work & can they have a mirror
blah, blah... Please STOP IT!!!!! ALL MY LINKS WORK........
Plus I am a bit fed up of people complaining that you can't download certain links Ugh...
If you care to read at the very top of my blog it tells you where you can download all my temps from, Please read it!!!!
Ok Rant over :D
I hope I can get some new stuff for you soon :)
Take Care
♥Hugs Rachel ♥


Anonymous said...

Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
like this in the past? Let me know your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder if your traffic has dropped since your rant. Links that don't work - temporarily - are a regular occurrence. It seems unlikely to me that anyone would bother to comment if they weren't having trouble.

I also think you could've addressed the issue with a little more finesse. Rather than yelling at people who don't go to alternate links, you could always remove the old ones so people don't bother you any more. At most of the creative blogs I frequent, the owners are thankful when people take the time to visit their blog, let alone write a comment.

This was my first visit to your blog. The first thing I saw was your rant. I didn't bother to look at anything after that, and it's doubtful I'll come back, unless it's by accident. Perhaps you need to find a new hobby where people don't annoy you so much.

Rachel said...

Oh how original... Let's complain about you & not leave a name or an Url.. Yawn....
I am very very grateful for everyone who stops by my blog be it to pop in & say Hi or take a temp or 2..
As for my traffic who cares about that I want people to come here & take what I have to offer them FOR FREE.. But if you insist on knowing about how many people come to my blog its around 13401799 hits thank you very much!

And yes I did Rant because it states at the very top of my blog.. Oh hang on you must have missed it... There are download bundle links for 70 templates..
So yes I am annoyed & was Ranting I said it on the post didn't I???

I find You rude & Offensive and I am so pleased that you shall not be visiting my blog again..
Who needs people like you coming by ??
If you were that botherd about my Rant you should have contacted me privately, I do have an e-mail address you know!

Rachel said...

Hi there :) I just found your blog (was just visiting Divine Intentionz Blog), and I must say that I am loving it. I run a forum so I can understand the frustration of people not reading things properly. Don't worry about the others. Those that truly love your blog will come back. Thank you for sharing all of those goodies.

Laviana said...

I love your templates and I use them for creating stuff. They inspire me and I can play for long with them to get just the outcome I had i mind.

Greetigs and TYSM for all you work and toshare it