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Thursday, 2 August 2012


 It's been over 12 month's since I last signed in ye old blog, Took me ages too Haha...
Lot's have happend in the last year. We lost my dear FIL last June & we've had the sale of his house to deal with, Some horrible man wanting to buy it & then backing out at the last minute Grr, But we managed to get a buyer after 1 wk of it being put of sale again which is Brilliant ..
Also I am getting married Ahhhhhhh.
My hubby always said when I turned 40(which was in March) he would marry me haha(want's to think himself  lucky I want to marry him hehe) . We only have 7 wk I think before the big day. I can't wait, I managed to shed 3 stones, but managed to put 5lb's back on eeekkk. I really need to get back on the treadmill :/ My dress arrives at the shop this month  exited much, I'm looking forward to being all girly. Our theme is Black & white, we have lot's of stuff for the big day. I am (with family and friends)decorating the reception ourselves, I have spent hours & hours on Ebay Lol. I still need to get a few bit's hopefully all done for the big day :/
Sorry I haven't made anything new in agessss, I have had no desire to psp even though I did get corel pro x4 earlier this year, I reckon I'll put the old psp9 on my new laptop :D. Sad to see pte have closed there doors, But at least we will still be able to get Elias & Garv tubes from there new stores, I believe Garv's will be the 1st of September & Elias's will be very soon. I can't wait cos  after the wedding I am going to try real hard to get back into tagging cos I so miss it & everyone in the Psp community's ..Hopefully my next update won't be another 12 month's :s
Cya guy's soon,
Love & Miss You Rachel

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