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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Helloooo :P

Hello everyone.. well anyone really Haha...
Wowzers I can't believe how long it's been since I was here & actually able to get in.
Well I did get married & yes we are still together & very happy :)
Since the wedding we have been abroad 3 times, Got a new furbaby Ziva the pug.
We also lost our dear furbaby Chelsea,she was 15 yrs old & had a good fun filled life ♥
My husband was adopted as a baby & just a year ago we tracked down his real mum, Brother & sister, All is still good!
We also moved to our brand spanking new build home in February & we love it :D
I've also managed to shift my stopped smoking weight , I've lost 2 & half stones now only got another 1 &  half to go!!
I have no idea when I will be getting back into making Templates,Masks Ect... I have been trying to slowly get back into Tagging & have managed to make more this year so far than I did in the last 2 years :o) So I'm getting there slowly......
It's nice to see I still have my followers & I do hope to bring something new, One day!
For now I will just be popping in now & again, Maybe add a few Tag's I have made :o)

Well that's about it really, been lovely to get back in here!
Hugs & Love


• Nicky • said...

Hi Rachel!

Lonnnng time no speak, sounds like you are doing well!
I no longer have Pixelberry but just started a general blurb blog :)

Hope to hear from you soon xx

Nicky x

Rachey said...

Hellooo stranger :)
Thank you hun, Finally getting to the place I want to be.. How are you sweety? You still tagging?
Hugs Rachey xx